Professional Coaching
and Personal Investment

There is something about connecting with people that we love. It's one of the main reasons we do what we do at CTL. Those unique ah-ha moments, where realization starts people down the path to self-improvement, give us the passion for professional coaching that defines our business.

For more than 15 years, we've worked to help people build better bonds, make smart career choices, and grow as individuals. And while we've been called problem solvers and even counselors, that's not what we do. We help people find answers by learning to look at obstacles and situations in a different light. It's about looking at the entire board and not just one piece. Life has endless possibilities, and we're all about exploring them the right way.

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Our Founder

A successful small business owner and trainer, Kathleen has managed and motivated individuals for over 35 years. She has inspired thousands with her enthusiastic presentations and her philosophy, which she calls "potential to master anything." For her, the only difference between possibility and success is commitment.

She specializes in examining the way personality plays into success. With her help, accomplishment in any area is possible through the understanding of oneself and others. Her work is based on emotional intelligence studies and the science of human behavior.

Kathleen is a CTA certified coach through the American Association of Christian Counselors Board and Light University, graduate of NSA Ohio Protrack Professional Development for Speaking Excellence, and C.L.A.S.S Seminars. She has been a featured speaker for Society of Human Resource Managers, YWCA, and the National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations, and is an Avon Circle of Excellence Award Winner. Her work includes developing programs to address diversity and manage difficult people of all generations in the workplace. She is co-founder of Tender Loving Bearz, a community outreach ministry with NC3 to provide teddy bears to children in emergency rooms and in devastating circumstances.

Kathleen Duffus

Kathleen is also a REALTOR® and utilizes her coaching skills to help people make the most of their home-buying and home-selling experiences. She and her husband have lived in Ohio since October of 2000. In her free time, she explores her creative side, painting and selling art at local exhibits.